Ich Gehör Nur Mir

My heart aches and a drowsy numbness pains my sense

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7.01 Meet The New Boss

Let’s talk about Dean here. Just before this happens, Cas is back to being Cas and that means he can be held responsible for all the shitty things he did before he was totally controlled by the Purgatory souls. Dean hasn’t forgiven him and won’t until the season finale, but look at his face. He cares about Cas enough that when this happens, he drops all resentment and anger and is only worried for the angel. And remember how he was so anxious to get to Sam? When the Leviathan start pushing through, Dean tells Bobby to go find Sam so that he can stay with Cas.

And then there’s Cas. The first thing he feels when he wakes up is remorse, and the first thing he wants to do is redeem himself to Dean. He even stops Dean in his rush to find Sam because he wants to make sure Dean understands him completely. Then when the Leviathan start to overtake him, he addresses Dean directly in a moment of acute distress.

And now I’m gonna cry.

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