Ich Gehör Nur Mir

My heart aches and a drowsy numbness pains my sense

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i could have been born any other time period but instead i was born during the time that misha collins walks this earth and for that i am grateful and i thank the heavens every night 

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People making Dean graphics with things like, “You deserve someone that respects you” and “You’re allowed to put your needs first” but putting that text over a scene where Sam is confronting Dean about tricking him into angel possession and then lying about it.


Dean is allowed to put himself first but not at the expense of Sam’s autonomy and not when it puts Sam’s choices, life, and wishes on the back burner. Dean cannot self preserve when it harms Sam’s self. That isn’t fair. What Dean did to keep himself from emotional trauma was take Sam’s agency away. All Sam did was demand boundaries so that never happens again. 

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