Ich Gehör Nur Mir

My heart aches and a drowsy numbness pains my sense

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*whispers*… support all ace people.

All of them. Everyone of the goddamned spectrum. Most of us spent too long feeling very broken or confused to later get told we dont get to be part of the one community we feel we relate to.

Sex repulsed ace? You’re great. I feel.you. I know exactly what that’s like.

Sex positive ace? Man thats awesome. Whether it’s just from a like casual interest or curiosity in it as a fascinating topic or as an active participant because you like how it feels. If you arent attracted sexually to people you’re ace too and still welcome here.

Grey-a? I bet that was really confusing to figure out man, im so glad you’re here. Don’t worry I promise you’re awesome too, youre not a “fake” or anything like that.

Demi? You go, dude. Being attracted to your partner or someone you have that bond with doesnt make you less a part of our community. It doesnt meanmyou were “never really ace” or that now you’re totally allosexual. Demi is just as valid as other orientations.

Basically anyone that feels like they are part of the ace spectrum is awesome and you belong here, fuck what other people tell you.

Unless you’re a raging asshole and like a murderer or something. Then you arent awesome.

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                           I saw your ghost tonight
                            the moment felt so real
                        if your eyes stay right on mine
                        my wounds would start to heal
                           I saw your ghost tonight
                            it fucking hurt like hell
                             I felt you here tonight
                           but dreams can’t all be real

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This pressure on bi women that, as soon as they come out to someone, they must provide a detailed dating history with the exact same number of women and men or otherwise they’re “not really bi” and “picked a side” must stop immediately. 

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Captain America: The First Avenger vs Captain America: The Winter Soldier, as seen through Time Magazine Covers. [inspired by]



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